The Welcome Post

Hello friends, How are you all doing? 

This post is a welcome post, as I have been MIA for so long. The last post I wrote was in September 2018, and now here we are at the end of the year December 2019. Wow, time passed like the wind, it’s been more than a year now. 

The reasons behind my missing in action for that extensive long period was an extremely busy life and utmost life-changing experiences. Since 2018 December, there have been many ups and downs.

Perhaps, I was active on Instagram and changed my Insta username by Makeup By Munira Murtaza. Well, that is another hack of the story why I changed my username to that. If you are wondering why? Then I can write a post on the reasons that made me change my username. Comment below is Makeup by Munira Murtaza is fine or, I should change it back to Mirrornme to its original name.

This post will be a little tiny to welcome and motivate me. Insha’Allah will be posting more in 2020 as I have great content ideas ahead. 

Please do remember me in your prayers. 

Until next time, stay beautiful.

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