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Hello, Beautiful Ladies! How are you?  Hope you are doing well.

My name is Munira Murtaza, a fine artist, a housewife and a mother of the cutest little baby in the world. I am here to tell you how crazy and passionate I am for makeup, fashion, life hacks, beauty hacks and much more. My blog will cover each and every phase of beauty tips and tricks experienced by myself and also include makeup products and their reviews. Last but not the least, a  few crazy stories about me.

NOTE: I used to write on my other blog name MirrornMeBlog. But everyone needs new fresh start again, so I am here with my brand new URL, which is MirrornMe.com.

My Inspiration

Since I was little, makeup was one of my favorite hobbies to play with although; I was not allowed to play with it till the age of 17. Yes, and that made me more passionate about makeup when I first started to use. I was, I am and I will always be thankful to Google, YouTube, Facebook and other social media websites which taught me each and everything I desired to learn at home.

Honestly speaking whatever I have learned till now about makeup, fashion, life hack, beauty hacks and DIYs is just because of these social media websites. I am not sure how many of you are going to agree with me but my true inspiration are these social media websites and I am proud of it that I have come so far from these sites.

So friends here I’m a perfect example for you how good I have been in all these stuff by only reading blogs and watching YouTube videos.

Why Blogging?

You must have realized by now how passionate I am about makeup. Since we are in 2016! It’s a new generation, a new culture, a new mindset and complete new personality for women is out there. Purpose of starting this blog is to help my young ladies discover their personality, who they are and how they can boost their self-esteem and feel prettier and be proud of themselves.

I’m here to share all my experience from what I have learned until now.

What In For You?

This blog is for makeup and fashion lovers. My aim is to focus on drugstore beauty products and providing first hand reviews of affordable fashion brands available in Pakistan. Other than that, you will find these following topics as well e.g.

  • Beauty Tips and Trick experience by myself
  • Beauty and Fashion hauls
  • What’s trending?
  • Life and beauty hacks
  • Reviews
  • DIYs (Do It Yourself)

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