About Me

Hello, Beautiful ladies! Welcome to “MIRROR N ME” blog.

My name is Munira Murtaza, fine artist, housewife and a mother of the craziest girl. Well.. I am not a certified makeup artist or a fashion designer but I am a passionate artist and love makeup and fashion. I am kind of a DIY person. I love doing my own creations.

I currently own an online store by the name of MNM Collections. I founded this store out of passion in May 2015. Yes, you are right! Not long ago but Alhamdolillah! I had the best experience till now with my beautiful clients. My store has all the products related to fashion. Collecting Handbags and Jewelry are one of my passion besides makeup.

About Blog

Mirror N Me blog is for makeup and fashion lovers. My aim is to focus on drugstore beauty products and providing first-hand reviews of affordable fashion brands available in Pakistan. Other than that, you will find these following topics as well e.g.

  • DIYs (Do It Yourself)
  • Beauty Tips and Trick experience by myself
  • Beauty and Fashion hauls
  • What’s trending?
  • Life and beauty hacks
  • Reviews

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