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  • Order Of Application – Face makeup Edition

    Order Of Application – Face makeup Edition

    Hello Beautiful People! How long does your foundation stay intact? What is your order of face makeup application? Which Foundation is your holy grail? And last but not the least how often do you wear makeup? Let me know all the answer to these questions. I rarely give myself full face glam. Whenever I do,…

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  • Eyeshadow Palettes under 1600rs

    Eyeshadow Palettes under 1600rs

    Most of us don’t want to splurge on makeup that much and especially when we are beginners. I used to be price conscious when I started using eyeshadow palettes instead of quality. Now the time has changed, I choose quality over price. Finding a perfect palette with an irresistible price and quality can be very…

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  • Review- Clinique Makeup Remover

    Review- Clinique Makeup Remover

    Hello Everyone, Today I am sharing about my new and favorite Makeup Remover I am using and I am obsessed with it. It clears all makeup so nicely, even a smokey eye makeup can easily remove as well. It’s none other than Clinique Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, and Lips. it feels like oil on…

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  • Top 5 Favorites Pakistani YouTubers/ Bloggers

    Top 5 Favorites Pakistani YouTubers/ Bloggers

    Hello, everyone! Hope you all are doing well. What a wonderful weather in Karachi. My little one loves this weather, sitting in the balcony praying Allah, Allah miyan Barish ajaye jaldi ;). But still, she had a little bit of rain to enjoy with. So, l today I’ll be sharing my five favorites YouTubers/ Blogger…

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