My Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

Hope you all are doing well.

So how was your Eid guys? Mine was super exciting and fun Alhamdolillah. Sorry didn’t post any outfit or makeup pictures I did or wear during Eid was just because I was extremely busy.

So While getting ready during Eid, I figure it out my top 5 favorite lipstick which I think, can look good on any skin tone.

Some of them are neutral, and some are a bit too bright for my taste but this Eid I was like let’s try some bold colors.

Luckily from last past 2 months, I have been ordering subscription boxes and I don’t know why they end up sending me bold colors lipsticks. I think it’s a trend of bold lip colors these days. But never mind I try to apply those color on my lips this Eid and they seem to look gorgeous on me, so no complaints 😉

So let’s start with my all time Favourite and my go to Lipstick.

Maybelline New York Colossal Lipstick-33

So this lipstick is mentioned before in my top 5 favorite makeup post too. This is my go to lipstick. I love ❤️ this pink shade a lot.


Firstly formula of this lipstick is very creamy and moisturizing. I personally like that lipstick which gives you that glossy finish. I love this shade with simple winged eyeliner and soft blush on. I really love this color.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip-Strip

Colourpop is famous of their long lasting liquid lipstick. Strip shade is a very subtle color for my skin tone. I really prefer applying Colourpop liquid lipstick when I have to eat a lot. It really stays for a long time on lips which is perfect. Although it’s satin finish still it stays for the pretty good amount of time.

Huda Beauty-CheerLeader

This is my first ever Huda Beauty Liquid matte. I received this lipstick in my box subscription box. This was the first time also I owned a Red Lipstick which really looks great on me. I love the formula of it too, it dries on lips but never chips off from lips.

Urban Decay-Venom

I got this Lipstick in Cosmetic Candy Beauty Box Subscription. It’s a mini Lipstick and OMG! Guys, I love this purple maroonish shade. The formula is awesome and moisturizing. It’s too bold but perfect for the evening look. I am obsessed with this color.

So, guys that was it. I hope you like my top 5 Favorite Lipsticks, let me know your top 5 favorite Lipstick. And do you love bold or nudes lipsticks?

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