My Top Most Used And Loved Eye Makeup Brushes

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It’s so funny in my last blog post I was like Ramadan is around the corner, and now Eid is around the corner. How quick are these days are passing by?

Today my post is about my 3 most favorite eye makeup brushes. I love doing eye makeup.I have my top 3 favorites eye makeup brushes. They are my ultimate favorite and are quite affordable as well.

The brushes are from wet and wild, ELF & AliExpress. Three of them are blending fluffy brushes. The only reason I love them is, it blends my makeup like magic. Especially the wet and wild one.

So here are the reasons why I like it so much,


Wet and Wild Blending Brush

I use this as my clean blending brush, as it has wide bristles and it is way too soft to blend any kind of pigmented color easily. I bought this brush from a Sheops site for Rs 450/-.


ELF Blending Brush

I use this brush for the outer corner of my eyes, and to give depth in my eyes crease. As it has narrow bristle it gives a bit more control and transforms the color perfectly.

I purchased this brush from Target (USA) but you can find this here in Pakistan from ELF Pakistan website or from


AliExpress Brush

AliExpress is one of my favorite online store to shop from. I usually order accessories, handbags and clothing items from there but this time I ordered a bunch of brushes.

All turn pretty well, but from so many brushes I ordered this one is quite good, actually beyond my expectations.

It is also kind of a blending brush and I use it for applying my transaction shades from it.



That was all my folks. I hope you enjoy reading it.


If you have any of your favorite brushes let me know. And also, Do let me know who is your favorite YouTube Makeup Guru?


Until next time, stay beautiful.

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