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  • Basic Makeup Tips

    Basic Makeup Tips

      Hey Everyone, I hope and pray all are doing well and happily surrounded by your loved ones. This post is for everyone who is very much into makeup but is a beginner.  So, Makeup is an essential component of almost every woman’s daily routine. Whether you’re going for a natural or a bold look,…

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  • Order Of Application – Face makeup Edition

    Order Of Application – Face makeup Edition

    Hello Beautiful People! How long does your foundation stay intact? What is your order of face makeup application? Which Foundation is your holy grail? And last but not the least how often do you wear makeup? Let me know all the answer to these questions. I rarely give myself full face glam. Whenever I do,…

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  • Top 5 Lipsticks Under Rs 500/- Pkr

    Top 5 Lipsticks Under Rs 500/- Pkr

    Hello there, Here I am again with the budget-friendly post and a favorite one to do. We ladies, can’t get enough of splurging on makeup and clothing. Especially when you get a good quality at a low price. My favorite time to shop is when every store in Karachi have a huge sale going on.…

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  • Drugstore Highlighters Under PKR 1000/-

    Drugstore Highlighters Under PKR 1000/-

    Charm is a Glow within a Woman that casts a most becoming Light on others. – John Mason Brown Hello, Glowing Ladies out there, What’s up? How are you all doing? This post is dedicated to all of my loyal followers on Instagram. Recently, I posted a poll on Instagram Stories and it’s because of…

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  • Winter Care

    Winter Care

    Hello Everyone, This is my last post for the year 2017. So Wishing you all a happy new year!  May this year brings you all joy and happiness. As a mother, winter is an intense season for me. I am always worried about my daughter catching a cold, fever, having dry skin or any worst…

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  • Top 3 Makeup Guru’s Halloween looks

    Top 3 Makeup Guru’s Halloween looks

    Hello everyone, Hope you all are well. How many of you are celebrating Halloween this year? And what are your favorite activities for Halloween? Mine favorite activity is to watch is Pumpkin Carving videos and Makeup Looks. And my favorite Halloween movie to watch is Good Witch. I personally do not celebrate Halloween but I do…

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  • All about Mascara

    All about Mascara

    Hello, Everyone! It is quite fair to say, “The More Mascara The Better”. Who doesn’t like Mascara and all that long and thick Eyelashes glam? Applying Mascara is one of my favorite things while doing Makeup. Long and thick lashes always make my eyes beautiful and big. A few days back I was just wondering…

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  • Review – Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette

    Review – Makeup Revolution Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat Palette

    Might be, I am a bit too late to review this but I wanted to buy this palette over any high brand colorful palette. Just because I don’t own any colored eyeshadow Palette and want to try something inexpensive. Makeup Revolution is one of my Favorite brand these days. As they are not that expensive…

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  • Review- Clinique Makeup Remover

    Review- Clinique Makeup Remover

    Hello Everyone, Today I am sharing about my new and favorite Makeup Remover I am using and I am obsessed with it. It clears all makeup so nicely, even a smokey eye makeup can easily remove as well. It’s none other than Clinique Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, and Lips. it feels like oil on…

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  • My Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks

    My Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks

    Hello Beautiful Ladies, Hope you all are doing well. So how was your Eid guys? Mine was super exciting and fun Alhamdolillah. Sorry didn’t post any outfit or makeup pictures I did or wear during Eid was just because I was extremely busy. So While getting ready during Eid, I figure it out my top…

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  • My Top Most Used And Loved Eye Makeup Brushes

    My Top Most Used And Loved Eye Makeup Brushes

    Hello, beautiful people! How is your day going today? It’s so funny in my last blog post I was like Ramadan is around the corner, and now Eid is around the corner. How quick are these days are passing by? Today my post is about my 3 most favorite eye makeup brushes. I love doing…

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